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Chirpywan deployment services offers proactive deployment and technology management services

Chripywan is LoRaWAN network deployment system

A smart phone application along with LoRawan certified companion module. Interactive ready-to-use solution simplifies the LoRaWAN deployment needs. The application provides quick & accurate coverage maps for prior to solution deployment. Network validation, range tests , and field strength tests can be carried out in LoRaWAN networks using Chirpywan. It is indispensable tool in the construction and operation of LoRaWAN network. Ideal for LoRaWAN solution providers, field technicians, device makers, GateWAY manufactures and end customers Chirpywan is particularly suitable for the validation of applications like sensor networks, asset tracking, smart buildings, metering, security, or M2M

Chirpywan is a ready-to-use system

Chirpywan is a ready-to-use system, allows to transmit, receive and instantly view the radio frames on the used network (uplink, downlink, SF, Packet Error Rate), Test results can be viewed on mobile application in real time and can be exported in excel sheet to upload on any cloud platform

  • Scan the network
  • Built in sniffer
  • Dynamic power level validation
  • Configurable transmission cycle
  • TX data rate validation
  • RX data rate validation
  • Range test
  • Channel validation

Built in camera functionality

Built in camera functionality allows to take picture and record video of sensors at point of installation with geo coordinates and network information. The companion device inculdes a built-in rechargeable battery, this system allows for many hours of use and can be recharged with any type of mobile phone charger


  • Optimal coverage to place sensors

  • Reliable range of sensors and gateways.

  • Improve coverage
  • Troubleshoot the network
  • Store the sensor location with pictures or video.

  • Sniff the network traffic
  • Send any payload to test the network capacity.
  • Class A LoRaWAN device

  • Configurable transmission cycle

  • Configurable activation method (OTAA / ABP)

  • Reception of downlinks is possible

  • LoRaWan: V1.0

  • Integrated battery with USB charging function

  • Battery Lithium

  • External power supply possible (USB)

  • Radio frequencies: LoRaWAN: configurable

  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 75 ° C

  • Output power: 20 dBm

  • Sensitivity -140dBm (SF12)

Product operating modes

The product offers two operating modes: sensor and a gw

GW mode

The single channel GW mode bridges LoRa wireless network to an IP network base utilizes mobile device’s WiFi, Ethernet, 3G or 4G cellular backhaul. Easy to use very economical solution to receive data from any LoRa sensor and send it to any application using iphone backhaul

Use cases

  • Smartfarming
  • Smart home
  • Smart medical
  • Inteligent Transport

GW mode with light network server

Natively running lightweight network server provides edge computing capabilities for secure communication with application server.

Use cases

  • Don’t need to pay for any LoRaWAN network service provider
  • Traffic never leave the customer data center.

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